This year is flying by so fast and today I have JReine’s May PPU contributions to show you. I honestly have a big sweet tooth, so the theme of Candy Land has me really excited. Jill has chosen some neon green rock candy as her inspiration.

This is a prsample, but all views are my own honest opinion. Should there be any issues with any polish, I will resolve with the maker first for a chance to correct. I most always use 3 coats due to my lighting and VNL. I will always list amount of coats used.

Radioactive Nom Nom is described as a radioactive neon green with a vibrant red to gold to green shifting shimmer. Here I’ve used 3 coats and Fleur de Crystal top coat from JReine as well. Make sure you wear your protective shades because this neon is definitely radioactive!

I also did a little bit of nail art to go on an awesome base like this, and what else would I go with, except something radioactive! lol

Next, JReine has another one of her amazing Pixie Magic Kit available. This month she will have Confection. If you have gotten any others, you will want this one as well. And if you haven’t picked up one of these kits, you will also want one of these!

This powder is described as having a sparkling shift from purple to pink to gold to blue. This kit includes Kit Includes: 5ml bottle of Super Base, .30 grams by weight of Pixie Magic powder, applicator, and instruction. Everything you need to create so many different looks. No UV light needed for this powder and it works with the super base over any color nail polish (or natural nail).

I applied this powder over Midnight (dark navy creme from JReine) and I’ve included a video tutorial at the end of this as well. Also check out JReine’s other swatchers because we have all used a different base to show the versatility of this powder.

These two items will be available May 1st- May 4th at Radioactive Nom Nom will be $13 with no cap and Confection will be $15 with no cap. These will only be available to order during these dates, so don’t miss out.

Swatch Note: My images are taken in a lightbox indoors with a daylight bulb and a DSLR camera. Some Pictures may be taken in different lighting or outdoor sun depending on what is needed, but this will be referenced if done. Editing for cropping and watermark are done and only editing for color correction if needed. Video swatches are filmed in same lighting, but filmed with iPhone XS max

Midnight One coat creme can be found at JReine website: