Bring on the warm summer vibes!! Jill has started already by coming up with this neon green to neon yellow thermal for March 2019 PPU. This is called Skurrrd and is inspired by the Album cover from Skrillex “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”.

This thermal changes from a neon green to a neon lime-yellow and contains OGUP, aurora and flakes that are blue/green/teal/red/green/gold.

All photos show two coats with a topcoat. This polish does apply smoothly and even though it has tons of flakes, there is not a texture when it dries. This is on the thicker side compared to the other Jreines I have. That is normal considering the amount of flakes and the thermal pigments it has. (I have realized thermals/solars are thicker in consistency than other polishes)

This will be for sale at and will be $15 with NO cap! Make sure to add this one to your wishlist so you don’t forget! Now on with the pics!

Swatch Note: My images are taken in a lightbox indoors with two ottlights and a DSLR camera. Some Pictures may be taken in different lighting or outdoor sun depending on what is needed, but this will be referenced if done. Editing for cropping and watermark are done and only editing for color correction if needed.

This is a #prsample, but all views are my own honest opinion. Should there be any issues with any polish, I will resolve with the maker first for a chance to correct.