Not much time until Feburary PPU goes live and the theme for Feb is Famous Duos. Jill being from Louisiana is staying with her New Orleans theme she is known for and has chosen “Boobs & Beads” which is truly famous about now in New Orleans. So with this duo as inspiration, she has magically whipped up this polish that starts with a violet jelly base and is topped off with OG UP, Aurora Shimmer, Multichrome Shimmer, and Crystal Shifting Flakies.

#prsample ** See disclaimer below

This polish will be $15/15ml bottle and will have NO cap! It will be available at from Feburary 1st until Feburary 4th. Now on to the pictures….

Show Me Sumtin by Jreine

This polish is a jelly, so it does apply sheer and a little uneven. It builds up very nicely after two coats, and is opaque after 3. In all of my pictures, I have used 3 coats and a QDTC. Now even with 3 coats, if you hold your nails up to sunlight or lights, you will still see a VNL. I see this in most polishes except for blacks and very dark polishes. As far as a finish, this polish is smooth and does not have a texture.

Swatch Disclaimers:

* My images are taken in a lightbox indoors with two ottlights and a DSLR camera. Some Pictures may be taken in different lighting or outdoor sun depending on what is needed, but this will be referenced if done. No other editing or color enhancements are done. Only cropping/rotating, and watermarks are added as edits.

*This is a #prsample, but all views are my own honest opinion. Should there be any issues with any polish, I will resolve with the maker first for a chance to correct.