Recently I was honored by being asked to swatch for the benefit box for #teamaddiemae. This group of 10 amazing and wonderful makers have gotten together and graciously given up their time, labor, and products to raise some money for Addie Mae. Addie is a precious 7 year old girl who has just recently (July 2017) been diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a rare brain stem tumor). Addie loves unicorns, so this box is themed just for her. Here are the 10 products that are included in this benefit box. Links on where to get this will be located at the bottom as well as a link to the official Go Fund Me page.

(All polishes swatched with no undies and under lightbox. No strong scents with any polishes)

1) Parrot Polish:

“Addie Mae” a deep, rich blue with a pink hue and a shimmer that will have you dreaming of Unicorns and Rainbows.

This polish is shown applied with two coats and a topcoat. It finishes smooth without a texture and applies smooth and evenly.

2) Night Owl Lacquer:

“Unicorn Kisses” a bright purple polish with iridescent shimmer, silver holo shreds and purple to blue shifting micro flakes.

This polish is shown below with three coats and a top coat. It is more on the sheer side. It’s very beautiful as a sheer polish, but becomes opaque with three thin coats. It has a smooth finish and applies evenly.

3) Pretty Beautiful Unlimited:

“Unicorn Magic” a blackened purple polish with silver, gold and copper galaxy glitters, rainbow micro shreds, purple shimmer and a rainbow of crystal flakes.

Shown below is two thick coats and a topcoat. Even though this polish is packed with shiny things, it is still smooth without a topcoat.

4) Colors By Llarowe:

“You Make My Day Addie Mae” a turquoise blue crelly base as bright as the sunshine Addie Mae shines in the world. Add in UP Pigment, pink to gold shimmer, chameleon flake and a sprinkle of holo, and the rainbow appears for you to share her light.

Shown below is two coats with a topcoat. It applies very smooth and evenly.

5) Inspurrrations Nail Polish:

“Jeremiah 31:13 – Young women will dance and be glad, I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.” A bright pink polish with pink glitter, silver and holo glitters.

Shown below is two thick coats with a topcoat. This polish is more on the sheer side also. I only applied two thick coats and it appears opaque in natural lighting, but you can still barely see the smile line in bright light. This polish applies nicely and has a slight texture from the glitter but is easily smoothed out with a topcoat.

6) PoSHlips by PoSHlips:

“Audacious” a moisturizing lip gloss with a very light shimmer. Made with coconut oil, aloe oil, and Vitamin E to replenish and moisturize your lips. Apply as necessary. ***contains nut oils***

I’ve spared you the “duck lip” poses and just applied this on my hand so you can see the color and consistency. 😉. I have worn this many times since I have received it. This lip gloss does not have any scent or flavor so it is nice for anyone sensitive to those. It is not an overly thick gloss, so your lips aren’t sticking together. It applies with a doe foot applicator and goes in very nice. It also lasts a while. A few hours after applying, I still could feel it on my lips and they felt smooth. It has a nice gloss and very subtle shimmer. I don’t wear lipsticks, so it was nice to have a little gloss to wear out. I can imagine it would add a lovely touch over any lipstick as well.

Magical Creations:

"Cotton Candy Fluffy Cloud Wax Unicorn Melts" Beautifully decorated melts with sparkle and detail, almost too pretty to melt!!!

I definitely have to agree that I didn't want to melt this at all! It is so pretty and smells so good, I just wanted to sit it on my desk and have it for decoration. But I wanted to be true in my review, so I broke off a small piece and melted it. It melted easy and the smell was even better than just sitting, so I'm glad I did! It definitely had a sweet cotton candy smell and made me want to go find some at the store!

lly Anne's Garden:

"Team Addie Mae Cuticle Oil" cuticle oil that smells of freshly baked rich vanilla cake made with pure sugar cane and decorated with a creamy white frosting. YUM!!

This is my first try with Lilly Anne's cuticle oil, so I was excited! I have to admit I was unsure about the roller ball to begin with. After getting it "rolling", I had no trouble with it at all. The oil was thin enough to spread on my cuticles, but not greasy, and I was able to rub it in to my cuticle and nail. It doesn't have a strong smell which is great, but it has a very sweet subtle smell that is indeed like a fresh baked cake.

(*Yes…I know my nails are yellow and have some stained spots. I paint my nails every day and do not buff or soak them with whiteners. I do not have a medical condition because this is only my left hand that looks like this. I am not dirty and wash and clean my nails daily. Just had to put this disclaimer because there will be a few..😆🙄)

9)Toadarrific Vinyls:

Holographic Unicorn nail decals and a proud #TEAMADDIEMAE holographic unicorn vinyl to display.

What can I say about these except WOW! They are so amazingly bright and cute! There are so many unicorns that you can get more than a few manis out of these. The outline is also a cute unicorn that can be used anywhere. The #teamaddiemae vinyl is almost as cute and bright as she is and would be awesome to display anywhere to show support.

And last, but not least,

10) All Mixed Up Lacquer’s:

Fuzzy Bubblers in the scent of “Falling In Love”. They are beautiful pieces of pink and white bath bubblers made with butters and oils for softening your skin and relaxing.

First off…I could smell this before I even opened the mail bag and I wasn’t mad at all!! My family all thought I was crazy because I kept sniffing the bag…until I let them smell anyway. I don’t want this to disappear! While I didn’t try this out in a while bath, I did try it in a bowl of warm water to check it out. They dissolved very nicely and didn’t leave a bunch of “sandy grit” at the bottom. The water was so soft and left my skin very smooth! I could comment about how amazing the smell is again, but I think I covered that already 😜

Overall, there are no words to express how amazing this Box is!! The generosity of these 10 makers to come together and donate their time, labor, and products to help out this family is wonderful. They’re asking for a donation of $50 for this box and 100% goes to Addie Mae and her family for medical expenses, bills, and anything needed to help give Addie Mae the best time ever. I feel this box is worth WAY more than $50. As a matter of fact, when you break it down, you’re getting these items for only $5 each and we all know they are worth more than that. The links below are to the Facebook group for this benefit box, the link to purchase the box, and a link to the official Go Fund Me page. If you have any questions, feel free to visit the public FB page and if you are unable to purchase a box, just donating $1, $5, $10 or any amount will help this sweet family. You can also read more about Addie’s story on these pages.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to leave any comments below. This box is for sale until Sept 25th, but there are only 20 boxes made, so make sure you get one fast!!

*I was asked to swatch and review this box, but I purchased this with my own money and these are my 100% honest opinions*