Up today on my blog is the Western Theme Thermal Polish Collection from Parrot Polish.  There are 5 polishes in this collection.  All of these have a slight, subtle shimmer to them that you can see sparkle in the sun.  These thermals are on the sheer side after one coat and some are on the sheer side with the lighter color after two. Most of the swatches below show three thin coats.  I honestly did not mind doing three coats of these. They dry fast and the color is so worth it.  I have video swatches of all of these on my IG account (@4luvofnailart) if you want to see how they apply with each coat.  There’s also a clip at the end of each one showing the cold to warm color transition.  All of these are available individually or as a collection on http://www.parrotpolish.com or on Amazon.  Now…on to the swatches (and some nail art of course).

First up is Moo Juice

This is a dark brown, almost black in cool temps to a pink/magenta.

And some stamped nail art. Black was stamped over this so you can see the color transition isn’t quite a black color.

Next up is Area 51. This thermal is a bright green in warm state and a red/rusty color in the cool state.

And I decided to go with some tropical nail art for this one.

Next one up is Precious Cowgirl. This thermal is a peachy/pink color. Neat thing about this one is that when my whole nail is warm, the color looks like two different shades of the peachy/pink color. It’s an ombré effect as well as turning the brown color when it’s cool.

You can see the two different shades of the peachy color in this picture with some stamped nail art.

Next to last is one of my favorites. This is Blue Sinai. The colors in this one is unique. The warm state is a taupe/grey and the cool temp is a dark blue.

Added some holo stamping to this thermal. In its warmest state, it almost looks clear.

Last but not least is another one of my favorites. This is Purple Gum Paste. I love the two colors in this thermal. In the warm state, it is a teal green and cool state is a dark purple.

I’m not 100% thrilled with the choice of white stamping over this because I feel it overpowers the gorgeous thermal colors, but I would feel the same about any art work over these colors. They’re amazing on their own!!

And for fun, I decided to do a watermarble with all 5 polishes in this collection. Yes…they all watermarble (bonus!!) The transition in colors in these polishes are so amazing, they look like two totally different manis! Definitely a fun mani to play with.

You can’t be bored with any of the polishes in this collection. Left alone or with some nail art, they’re so much fun to play with!



These polishes were sent as a pr sample, but everything I write is 100% my own, honest opinion!!