Since it’s summer time here, and basically 10 out of 12 months it’s warm enough to wear flip flops or sandals, I’m always doing my toes. I wish I could say that I go every month to get a pedicure. Realistically, I go once a year with a gift certificate from Mother’s Day. So the other 11 months, I do a design on my own. This month, I decided on a bright color scheme with the same colors that I did on a nail design not too long ago. This is the mani I did for fashion inspired nails based off a Lilly Pulitzer dress I saw. 

I loved the colors so much that I decided to do a dry-drag marble. The colors I used are all from Floss Gloss and they are “Maliboob Job”, “Wet”, and “Con Limon”. I did the drag marble on my silicone mat and made decals because they’re so much easier than trying to do this, and even harder in my toes. For my second toe, I just placed some dots while the base pink was still wet. Topped with some HK Girl and that’s it. 

What’s on your toes, or what’s your pedi routine??

Hope you have an awesome day! 😊