So I ordered the June and July 2017 Exclusives together the other day.  We got lucky since July was released early.  I’m not upset about this at all because it’s gorgeous.  I thought May 2017 exclusive was amazing, but now seeing both June & July…I’m still dropping my jaw.  Well, I seemed to have gone out of order in these and I’m posting the July swatches first.  I’ve already done a design with the June and one with June & July together on my IG page though.  Guess it’s time I throw these up here though.  The thing I love about this polish is how it is a multi-chrome polish and a linear holo. You get different looks inside, outside in the shade and in the sun!  This exclusive is available now at

Shown below is one coat over a black base with a top coat. I’ve also done two coats with a top coat and you cannot tell the difference. 


Indoor lightbox
Indoor lightbox
Outside shade
Indoor lightbox macro


Thank you for reading and if you made it this far, use code PARROT for 10% off your order.
Just a note to add that this polish was bought by me and this is my honest opinion.