Today I have a collection from Parrot Polish called “What Dreams Are Made Of”.  This 6 piece collection is full of multi-chrome flakies and holo.  These polishes applied so smoothly and felt smooth after a topcoat.  These look beautiful as a one-coat topper or in two-three coats for opacity.  I have video swatches up on my Instagram page, facebook page, and youtube page.  There is a link to each one of those at the top of this site.  If you love sparkles and color shifts, you don’t want to miss out on this collection.  You can find these at http://www.parrotpolish.com or on Amazon.


First up is this gorgeous indigo/navy called “Endless Night”. This is shown in three coats with a topcoat.


Next up is “Enchanted Forest”.  This polish is in a dark, almost black base.  There are shifts from pink to gold. This is shown in two coats with a top coat. For fun, on the sun shot, I stamped over my accent nail with a gold forest image.


Next is “Magical Protector”.  This polish really is magical and one of my favorites from this collection.  This has so many gorgeous shifts that I couldn’t capture them all in pictures.  I picked the best ones to show you here.  To see the full effect, check out my swatch video for a clip of it in the sun.

Outside in the sun
Outside in the shade
Macros of the color shift

Next is “Elf’s Touch”.  This polish shifts from green to blue to purple. Shown below is two coats with a top coat.

Macros of the amazing shift



Next to last up is “Spectral Ghost”. The colors in this polish range from golds, to pinks, with some greens. This one is so magical!  Shown below with two coats and it was fully opaque without having to sponge on.

Outside Shade
Macros of the shift
Indoor Lightbox
Outside Shade and Sun
Inside under Ottlight


Lastly here is “Unicorn Savior”. This gorgeous polish has color shifts from pink to purple with some gold and blue in it.  This is shown below with two coats and a top coat.

Indoor lightbox
Indoor lightbox macro
Indoor lightbox shifts
Macro of color shifts – Indoor lightbox
Outside shade